June –Brain Injury Awareness month

People who have suffered brain injury, or have seen a loved one suffer from it, know that it can possibly be the most devastating experience of your life. It can literally feel like someone hung you upside down, held you by the shoulders and gave you a really good shaking. Nothing ever can be the same: your perspective on life changes, your priorities change, your insight changes.

Having said that, like any major adversity, brain injury (to yourself or a loved one) can also test your abilities to your maximum and surprise you and everyone around you by what you can gain from it. If you are lucky and somehow avoid falling prey to despondence, depression and cynicism, you might end up with a wealth of human experience despite everything you lose. At  the end of the day, our lives will be measured by its meaningfulness in the greater scheme of things, and each of our day to day struggles will be part of something bigger than ourselves. A brain injury ‘can’ let you put your brick in that grand wall…….

In the following posts of this blog, I will be talking about how that is possible. So read me, and send me questions. I will tell you stories, talk about mechanisms and give you real life examples.

Take care.

Arshia. June 11, 2013


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