Post Terrorism Stress.

Boldie Talks!!

The most true sentence that can be used and holds up to its meanings in any situation is “This Too Shall Pass”. In happy circumstances, it breaks your heart, but in sad situations, these four words are the epitome of wisdom. We as human beings are nothing but a collection of feelings and emotions, without them, we are mere machines. The trauma that our nation went through a couple of days ago, is a clear example of how barbaric this creature can be, but do try to understand that it’s only a human being, capable of inflicting such atrocity, and it is also the same species, that endures it, deals with it and stands up again.

Yes, we stumble in the process, we grieve, we mourn, we wail, we howl, we cry, but we also look for answers and solutions on how to bounce back and return to life…

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