Who am I

I’m not a huge fan of labels , because they’re restrictive, but I like analogies and metaphors because they are like the stroke of the brush where paint ends and it frays into the imagination.
I’m not a fan of definitions because they’re divisive, but I like stories because they include the recipient to become part of them.
So am I a neuroscientist or an artist or writer?
I’m a mirror because what you see in me is yourself. I’m water because i take the shape of whatever vessel I’m in and can be gentle as a dew drop or viscous like the storm.
I’m a taster , a sifter and an explorer
I’m a taster because I can tell if there’s more salt in that person, and I’ll remedy it by adding water. I can tell bitterness that sits at the end of sweetness.
I’m a sifter because I can appreciate the markings of these two. I can tell sand from water and when they both refuse to leave each other on the shores
And I’m an explorer because I know I have to lose sight of one shore and embrace the uncertainty of deep oceans and risk drowning before I can spot another land on the horizon. I’m the primitive life on that land. I’m the roots and the fruit and the cells and the molecules.
I’m like that amoeba who extends their podocyte to walk ahead and takes the shape of the path and keeps changing its shape
But I’m also human, a sentient being so I know I have to work hard and find or carve a path to get to where I want to be
So I’m shireen and farhad also, and I’m the cliff that he dug up and I’m khosroo, too. I’m sohni maheval, and I’m the heer and ranjha. I’m Laila. I’m majnun. I’m all the stories that have made me and all the stories I make. I’m all my creativity and I’m the art that I create. I’m the anecdotes that I narrate. I’m the criticism that I get. I’m the praise that I debate. I’m all of that.
And yet I’m nothing. I’m here,
witnessing myself through all of you
and remaining unaffected by it.
Apr 8, 2017

https://youtu.be/Ibeu1CMg9RwWho am I


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