What am I doing?

I have been too afraid to ask this question, and delibrately too busy to ask it, because I am apprehensive about the blank space that lies ahead, where the answer will grow. It will. I will have to grow it. I will have to sow the seeds I stored from my voyages, and plant them, and see them grow. I will have to monitor the soil conditions, till and hoe, and water and prune and clean and fortify and nourish it. And I will have to make sure I protect it from storms and floods, both external and internal.

And hence I have been afraid to ask that question, and I tried to keep doing it without really knowing how or why, and never factoring in the most important variable :’when’…..


….and the word ‘when’ implores me thus, that NOW is the only time I have, so I have to address it now.

I recently met a gentleman, 83 years old, wisdom incarnate, adorned with beautiful articulation, and within the first 5 minutes of talking to him, I was already seeing things more clearly. He said, merely elucidating to the method that he assumed was followed by everyone (not), that there are three important questions that you must ask before you begin a task.

The first one is “why”. Why do you need to do it. Are you better off not doing it at all. If you can satisfactorily answer that question then move on to the next one….’How will you do it. Is your method the best one available. And given the room of maneovering in this question you go on to the third, most important question, namely “when”…. Is this the right time to do it?

I was introduced to the concept of “controlled ignorance” which is in total contrast to the information overload we are bombarded with, and the breath of knowlege we are expected and supposed to have. Controlled ignorance means you chose the rate at which you receive information. This puts the reigns in your hands and the influence of expectations is nullified.

So here I am just going to try and answer these quesitons for myself. And hopefully resuscitate this blog and recalibrate its direction.

Before I ask the why, how and when, I must clarify WHAT….

I’ve spoken about it extensively, used it in practice, and here I will catalogue its development. The study of the interface of neurology and creative arts. My aim is not only to study the brain and the mind (which some theorists assume to be the product of the brian), but also study the products of the mind, i.e, its creative output. The creative output of the mind is a universal phenomenon. Any form of expression or interaction is the creative output of the brain/mind complex. But a few tiers higher, we look at more advanced creative endeavors of this combination, which constitute art and literature and design and technology. As a student of neuroscience, I am interested to see how the brain/mind consortium devises its products and how the products in turn reshape the brain/mind.

At some point on this pathway I have to look at the evidence base, the theory, and my own experiences, but today I just have to answer these basic questions.

Why do I need to do it? Well, why not? I am already fully immersed in both neurology and creative arts, so bringing both together is the most natural thing for me to do.

How will I do it? (and this is going to be ammended and revised several times). Tis blog is one step, where I will think out loud. Record my ideas and thoughts and learn from them. Study, reflect, research, (reflect), record…. I guess thats how it goes.

And when is the right time to do this…. probably yesterday, or 5 years ago. But better now than naught.

So here.


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